Nursing Home Administrator

Nursing Home Nursing Home Administrator
Colorado Division of Registrations
Board of Nursing Home Administrators
1560 Broadway #1310
DENVER , CO   80202
Fax: (303)894-7764

Minimum Education/Experience: Bachelor's degree in public health administration or health administration; Bachelor of Science degree or higher in Health Care Management or Gerontology;

OR Associates degree in health care related field with 2 years experience in supervision or administration in a nursing home or hospital;

Passage of National and State exams. Fees vary each licensing period. Reciprocity is available if applicant is in good standing in another state and has practiced in 3 of the past 5 years.

OR evidence that the applicant has demonstrated competency as a nursing home administrator by submitting proof of having successfully completed one ore more of the following:

  1. Practice under a probationary or otherwise restirceted license for a speciified period of time
  2. Successful completion of courses approved by the Board
  3. Any other professional standard or measure of continued competency as determined by the Board, including successful completion of th estate and/or national examination

Experience in administration shall not include housekeeping, laundry, food service, activities, social services, medical records, bookkeeping, or clerical responsiblities



2 years of training. Fees vary each licensing period. Requires 2 years of college in a accredited institution of higher education in areas relating to health care but not limited to:

  1. Nursing
  2. Social Services if related to health care
  3. Recreational Therapy
  4. psychology
  5. sociology
  6. anatomy, biology
  7. health care management
  8. administration

OR 2 years work experience for each year of required education, in nursing home administration or comparable health care management


NOTE:  See NURSING CARE FACILITY for facility requirements.
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