DENVER ­— Monday, May 13, 2013 — The Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade (OEDIT) will lead a delegation of Colorado bioscience and IT companies to Denmark and Sweden from May 13–17, 2013. Participating companies will meet with foreign partners who will help the companies sell their products and services to the region.

The objective of the trade mission is to enable the companies to increase their international sales, leading to job retention and creation in Colorado. Companies participating in the trade mission are AD RescueWear, Couragent Inc, DH2i Company and Swan Valley Medical.

 “AD RescueWear is very excited to be participating in the State of Colorado Trade Mission to Denmark and Sweden,” said Elizabeth Scott, President of AD RescueWear. “This Trade Mission is an excellent opportunity to introduce our products to these two key Nordic regions and allow us to reach more international customers who can benefit from our products. Attracting additional customers in Denmark and Sweden increases our sales and helps us to continue to grow our business” 

“The Nordic High-Tech Trade Mission with OEDIT allows us to reach out to channel partners in the Nordic region in a way that would be much more difficult to do on our own,” said Gordon Nuttall, CEO of Couragent, Inc.  “The value of the trade mission for us is to expand our brand to the Nordic regions and create jobs in Colorado, which is the best state for business and high-tech careers.”

The Nordic region represents some of the world’s leading free-trading nations, with economies dependent on international markets and partners. The Nordic markets have knowledgeable customers who enjoy an average per capita annual income higher than that of the U.S. The Nordic countries also remained strong in the face of the European economic downturn and continue to experience economic growth.

On the one year anniversary of Icelandair’s nonstop service from Denver to Reykjavik, OEDIT’s trade delegation will utilize the service to travel to the Nordic region, confirming the importance of the service to the Colorado business community.

In addition to the nonstop service to Reykjavik, Colorado companies doing business overseas are also looking forward to United Airlines’ nonstop service from Denver to Tokyo, which begins June 2013. These nonstop international flights affirm Colorado’s reputation as a growing international business center and a true player in the global economy. 

"We have made it a priority to ensure that Colorado remains competitive in the global market," said Ken Lund, executive director of the Colorado Office of Economic Development. "Each new international flight and each trade mission helps us continue the momentum in marketing the state, businesses, services and products around the world."

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