DENVER ­– Thursday, Sept. 20, 2012 – Gov. John Hickenlooper joined leaders from Colorado’s manufacturing industry today to announce the launch of the Colorado Advanced Manufacturing Alliance (CAMA). The alliance is comprised of members of the manufacturing industry, as well as leaders in government and education, who will work to enhance the global competitiveness of advanced manufacturing in Colorado and create jobs across the state.

“The Colorado Advanced Manufacturing Alliance is a perfect example of the collaboration needed to create new jobs and more capital investment in our state,” said Gov. John Hickenlooper. “Advanced manufacturing is uniquely positioned to lead our state’s recovery because it cuts across many of Colorado’s key industries. The alliance will help address the business needs of Colorado’s manufacturers today and pave the way for the innovators and manufacturers of the future.”

The idea for CAMA grew out of the state’s Bottom-Up economic development initiative, which gathered input from over 5,000 people to help create the Colorado Blueprint. Key industry and regional development programs grew out of this process, calling for collaborative asset-based economic development efforts to advance the key industries in every region. As part of this process, advanced manufacturing stakeholders came together to discuss opportunities to promote the industry. They agreed to create CAMA, ensuring industry engagement and continued collaboration.

“Gov. Hickenlooper’s Colorado Blueprint served as the catalyst for manufacturers to organize around issues that will grow our industry and manufacturing employment throughout Colorado,” said Noel Ginsburg, president of Intertech Plastics in Denver and chair of CAMA. “This is the first time in 32 years of business that I have seen a coordinated industry effort to strengthen manufacturing in Colorado. CAMA has the potential to strengthen manufacturing in our state and add new jobs - a win/win for all.”

Advanced manufacturing is a main driver of innovation in the United States by supporting two­thirds of private sector research and development (R&D) and by employing millions of scientists, engineers, and technicians to invent and produce new products. Colorado is a national hub of R&D and innovation, and is also home to some of the highest-quality production facilities in the world.  

“The creation of CAMA is the result of our key industries and regional development strategies. As we continue to meet with people from industries throughout the state, we hope to see more collaboration across disciplines,” said Ken Lund, executive director of the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade. “As Colorado continues to deepen its knowledge economy, it is critical that we advance efforts around manufacturing production and increase our capacity to manufacture high quality products. CAMA will help these efforts, as well as ensure that we have the right tools to educate the advanced manufacturing leaders of tomorrow.” 

CAMA’s mission has five objectives:

  • Focus on innovation to develop and expand niche, high-value-add capabilities.
  • Encourage business-to-business relationships between Colorado companies, and growth of existing manufacturers.
  • Build on existing strengths and depth of the industry to attract new global companies, as well as fill the gaps in Colorado’s manufacturing supply chain.
  • Partner with policymakers to develop differentiating and value-add policies, increasing state competitiveness.
  • Engage with education and workforce development partners to popularize manufacturing careers, building a local and global pipeline of educated and experienced workers. 

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