Key Industries

Advanced Manufacturing

Manufacturing is vital to a strong Colorado economy, and has great growth potential.


Colorado's aerospace industry ranks 2nd in the nation for private sector aerospace employment.


The bioscience industry in Colorado is a vital part of the state’s economy, with employment growth surpassing the national average.

Creative Industries

Creative Industries

Colorado is a global leader in the creative industries, which include six creative sectors: design, film and media, heritage, literary and publishing, performing arts, and visual arts and crafts.

Defense & Homeland Security

Colorado is home to a diverse mix of Department of Defense military installations including the United States Air Force Academy and North American Defense Command (NORAD).


More than 300 R&D, manufacturing, and distribution companies exist in Colorado and provide electronics products, components, and services to the commercial and industrial sectors.

Energy & Natural Resources

Colorado is recognized as a leader in wind, solar and geothermal energy, and defined the "new energy economy."

Financial Services

As the "Wall Street of the West," Colorado's Front Range is one of the few areas outside of the Northeast with a substantial financial services industry.

Food & Agriculture

Food & Agriculture

Colorado has a strong heritage in farming and ranching, as well as great depth in natural and organic foods, craft beverages and global restaurant franchises.

Health & Wellness

Already home to the fittest and leanest population due to active lifestyles and access to the great outdoors, Colorado aims to be the healthiest state in the nation.

Infrastructure Engineering

World-class engineering, design, commercial and civil construction firms call Colorado home, and they sell their services to the world.

Technology & Information

The technology industry has deep roots in Colorado and is a leading high-tech state, with the second most educated workforce in the country.

Tourism & Outdoor Recreation

While experiencing the outdoors is a large part of the lifestyle in Colorado, it is also a significant economic driver.

Transportation & Logistics

Transportation & Logistics

Colorado’s transportation and logistics industry is enabled by multimodal transportation infrastructure elements that are privately and publicly owned and operated.