The Infrastructure Assistance program is designed to create new permanent jobs and retain existing jobs, primarily for low‐ and moderate‐income persons. This federally-funded program encourages new business development, expansions, and retentions of businesses located in non‐entitlement cities and counties.

Eligible Projects

Typically, eligible improvements are owned and/or maintained by a public or quasi‐public entity. Funds may be provided for the construction and/or improvement of:

  • Water Lines & Wastewater Facilities
  • Sewer Lines, Sewage Treatment Facilities
  • Roadways
  • Natural Gas‐Line Services
  • Electric Power Services
  • Railroad Spurs
  • Lighting
  • Sidewalks
  • Alternative Power Sources such as Solar

For more information on Infrastructure Assistance, click here for a fact sheet.

To find out if you are an eligible applicant or to obtain an infrastructure application, please contact Bob Todd.