Apply for Enterprise Zone Tax Credits

Contribution Tax Credit (learn more on the EZ Contribution Project page)

  1. A taxpayer (individual or business) must make a donation to an approved Enterprise Zone Contribution Project.    Provide the charitable organization with your Colorado Account Number instead of your Social Security Number - learn how.
  2. The project will provide the taxpayer with a DR0075 form for their donation. 
  3. The taxpayer may claim the tax credit when filing one's state income taxes.

Business Income Tax Credits

Commercial Vehicle Investment Tax Credit

  1. A business must complete a pre-certification application and be approved by the EZ Administrator before purchasing a commercial vehicle. Pre-certify online or submit the Commercial Vehicle Pre-certification Paper Form to your local administrator. Pre-certification covers a single tax year.
  2. A business must purchase a qualifying commercial vehicle after pre-certification approval.
  3. A business may then complete the Commercial Vehicle Application via paper form and submit it to OEDIT.

Business Income Tax Credits (not including Commercial Vehicle)
Investment Tax Credit, Job Training, New Jobs, New Agricultural Processing Jobs, Health Insurance, Research and Development, Vacant Building Rehabilitation

  1. A business must complete a pre-certification application and be approved by the EZ Administrator before any activity is performed to earn a credit. Pre-certification covers a single tax year.
  2. A business must perform an activity to earn a credit after pre-certification approval.
  3. A business must complete the certifcation application, summarizing all activities that were performed during the income tax year that earned a credit.

Enterprise Zone Pre-Certification and Certification

Businesses wanting to claim any of the Colorado Enterprise Zone (EZ) income tax credits (excluding the Contribution Project credit for which pre-certification is not required), must annually pre-certify with their local EZ Administrator to be eligible to claim EZ tax credits. A business having pre-certified and completed activities that are eligible for EZ credits must then complete a certification application and receive approval from the local EZ Administrator. Certification documents should be submitted with your Colorado income tax filing.

EZ Pre-Certification Attestation
I, the business owner/authorized company official, certify that I am aware of the Enterprise Zone program, that Enterprise Zone tax credits are a contributing factor to the startup, expansion or relocation of my business in the Enterprise Zone, and I acknowledge that this Pre-certification is for activities that shall commence after the date that Pre-certification is granted by my local Enterprise Zone Administrator through the end of my business's current income tax year.

Pre-certification is approved by the Local EZ Administrator; a business with multiple locations in an EZ may include all locations within that EZ on a single pre-certification application. Businesses with multiple locations in various EZs must complete an application for each EZ.

View the map of the Colorado Enterprise Zones

For more information on each EZ incentive, visit our Tax Resources page.

Links to Business Tax Credit Applications


Pre-certification can be completed up to 3 months in advance of the business' tax year start date.

*User Guide - Pre-Certification*


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for use with Pre-Certification #s

*User Guide - Certification

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These applications generate Certification Forms that must be submitted with State income tax filings to claim EZ tax credits.

Please Note:

  • Only taxpayers engaged in business that is legal under both state and federal law are eligible to claim EZ income tax credits.
  • Businesses that completed activities normally eligible for EZ credits prior to 1/1/2012 may not file amended income tax returns to claim credits. Businesses with an approved Certification Form for EZ Credits earned prior to 1/1/2012 may request amendments to the form if amending their CO income tax filing.
  • There is no ability to pre-date a Pre-certification Application. For each business income tax year, the business's eligibility to claim EZ credits is from the point of approved pre-certification or the start of the income tax year, whichever is later and through the end of the income tax year entered by the user.
  • Electronic application for EZ Pre-certification and Certification are standard except for specific EZ credits noted above or on the Tax Credit Resources page
  • Electronic filing of State Income Tax is required. The Certification form(s) and DR 1366 for EZ tax credits must be attached to the electronic filing. If one's e-file software does not support these attachments, they may be submited through Revenue Online using the E-Filer Attachment option. Failure to include form DR 1366 may result in the enterprise zone credits being denied. [39-30-111, C.R.S.] For an electronic filing hardship exception, call 303-238-7378.
  • Contact the Colorado Department of Revenue for questions about filing and forms at 303-238-7378.