Bioscience Discovery Evaluation Grants

The Bioscience Discovery Evaluation Grant Program (BDEGP) aids in the growth of the bioscience industry in Colorado. The program advances new technnologies from the lab toward commercial products and services, supporting innovation, company formation, and job creation.

ince the program started in 2007 through June 2013, BDEG program successes include the creation of 45 new Colorado companies and the direct creation of approximately 381 jobs. Additionally, these funds have helped the technologies acquire an additional $418 million dollars in grants and investments to further commercialize these bioscience technologies.

Bioscience Discovery Evaluation Grant Program Fact Sheet

The Program Report highlights accomplishments and identifies grants made under the program.

Application for the Proof of Concept and Early-Stage Company Grant programs are below:

Early-Stage Company Application
Applications for the spring grant cycle for Early Stage Company applications are due April 1, 2014. 

Additional Documents

Proof of Concept Application
Applications for the fall grant cycle for Proof of Concept applications are due April 1, 2014. 

Commercialization Infrastructure Rules and Application
The Commercialization Infrastructure grants are intended to support partnership efforts between the bioscience industry and research institutions to build infrastructure that supports the commercialization of therapeutic and diagnostic products, devices, or instruments to improve human health; bioscience technologies that improve agriculture; and biofuels. This infrastructure should enhance the commercialization of technologies and support companies that are commercializing Colorado-based technology by providing a state wide bioscience sector specific industrial commons. These funds are committed for the duration of the program.