Colorado Blueprint 2.0Fiona Arnold Blueprint 2.0
Executive Director, Fiona Arnold, visits with business and community leaders around the state to discuss local economic devlopment needs

We work collaboratively with every community in Colorado and provide resources as a way to advance regional economic development priorities. We recently launched the Colorado Blueprint 2.0 initiatives as a way to examine how best to serve rural communities around the state and identify opportunities to leverage our resources. The application period is now open to allow communities and regions to request Blueprint 2.0 initiatives that best support the local economic development strategies.  

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Blueprint 2.0 Application

View full application here. 

Blueprint 2.0 Application

Blueprint 2.0


Strategy Sessions
June 9, 2015 – September, 2015
Synthesizing Phase
October, 2015 – February 2016
Implementation Sessions
August, 2016 – December, 2016
The regional strategy sessions will include local economic
development practitioners, business leaders, elected officials, non-profit representatives and other stakeholders who will meet to discuss the economic development priorities for the region and how the Blueprint 2.0 process can best support these efforts. 

OEDIT will identify the partners and resources necessary to best address the opportunities
identified by the regional partners through the strategy sessions, follow-up communication and input from you. 

OEDIT will partner with each of the regions to complete implementation sessions
in order to develop strategies that will best address the regional needs. 

History of Colorado Blueprint: A bottom-up approach to economic development

The Colorado Blueprint is the statewide strategy to spur Colorado's economy, help businesses grow and attract new jobs to the state. Our priority is the creation and retention of jobs and the expansion of companies throughout Colorado. This strategy was developed through a bottom-up process and focuses on growth in our key industries across all regions. 

The Blueprint has given Colorado a framework to build a comprehensive economic development plan that aligns existing efforts and identifies opportunities for growth and focused investments. We welcome your input and guidance as we continue working to enhance the stability, growth and global competitiveness of the Colorado economy.

Core Objectives

The Colorado Blueprint identifies six core objectives, based on input from the bottom-up process:

  1. Build a Business-Friendly Environment
  2. Retain, Grow & Recruit Companies
  3. Increase Access to Capital
  4. Create & Market a Stronger Colorado Brand
  5. Educate & Train the Workforce of the Future
  6. Cultivate Innovation & Technology

These objectives serve as a framework for discussion across state agencies, regional partnerships and key industry stakeholders.

View the Colorado Blueprint (pdf)

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