Colorado has one of the nation’s most educated, technically savvy workforces, contributing to its strong position in a broad range of industries. Our young, skilled and growing workforce makes a critical contribution to the vitality of the Colorado economy.

World-class educational programs and research facilities and a state commitment to supporting customized job training programs assure that our workforce skills will remain cutting edge, allowing employers to compete in a global economy.

Colorado workers are also exceptionally productive, consistently ranking in the top ten for per capita gross state product. And Forbes Magazine recently deemed Colorado to have one of the two best labor pools in the country.

Colorado offers two customized job training programs for companies that are locating or expanding in Colorado:

Colorado First Customized Job Training Program

This program provides job training funds to assist individual businesses in designing specialized training programs. Colorado First is intended for companies that are relocating to Colorado or hiring new employees. Group training for small businesses with similar needs is available.

Colorado Existing Industry Job Training Program

This program provides assistance to established Colorado businesses in order to remain competitive.

For more information on these job training programs, contact Sam Bailey.


Coloradans are among the nation’s most highly educated populations, ranking 2nd in the number of citizens with a bachelor’s degree. Our colleges and universities offer a broad range of business, management, engineering and technical degrees, and most graduates remain in Colorado to pursue their careers.

In the Colorado higher education system, there are over 470 institutions, educating approximately 400,000 students. Click here to see a list of all higher education institutions in Colorado.

Educational Attainment  High School Graduates  College Graduates
Colorado  88.7% 35.5%
U.S.  84.2% 27.2%