Colorado's commitment to ensuring a business-friendly environment has been embraced by all branches and levels of government, and has been nationally recognized. State and local officials understand the critical importance of a robust private sector and work together to maintain one of the nation's best business climates.

Colorado's elected officials have passed a variety of legislation to ensure a business-friendly climate throughout the state, saving businesses hundreds of millions of dollars. They have also delivered broad-based tax relief to individuals and businesses through reductions of the sales tax and the corporate and personal income tax.

  • The Pacific Research Institute ranked Colorado #2 in its study of the relative lawsuit burdens on jobs and businesses around the country.
  • The Simon Fraser Institute has ranked Colorado #3 in Labor Market Freedom, and #2 in Economic Freedom.

Colorado General Assembly

Leadership in the Colorado General Assembly

  • Speaker of the Colorado House of Representatives: Rep. Dickey Lee Hullinghorst (D-Boulder)
  • President of the Colorado Senate: Sen. Bill Cadman (R-Colorado Springs)