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Poet Laureate speaks to the exciting literary movement in Colorado

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COIN's innovation report measures Colorado’s innovation progress.

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5 th
Ranking for most entrepreneurial states
5 th
for small business job gains
4 th
for early-stage venture capital investment
2 nd
best state for entrepreneurship & innovation
3 rd
Best place for businesses & careers - Denver
2 nd
Top state for high-tech share of all businesses
CO has 4 of the top 10 cities for tech startups  
2 nd
highest rate of citizens with bachelor’s degrees
10 th
Top state for “talent pipeline”
4 th
4th in the US for job growth
6 th
as America's top creative class states
4 th
Denver's ranking on "Best cities for job seekers"
2 nd
For population 25+ with bachelor degree or higher
Awe-inspiring mountain ranges
1 st
Red Rocks is the best amphitheater in the US
7 th
best state on Gallup's well-being index
Majestic national forests
Magnificent national parks
8 th
Largest US state by acreage (104,093.57 Acres)
1 st
Ranking for monthly energy costs in the US
1 st
Denver ranking for US cities most popular to move
Rivers’ headwaters begin here
Colorado is home to 6 National Monuments

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Colorado Techhire launches today

Representative Dan Pabon (D-CO), in partnership with The White House, Colorado private industry leaders, and Colorado state agencies announced today that Colorado is one of twenty pilot regions across the country to launch TechHire.